Animals of South America their voices and sounds

Voices and sounds of South America animals for children.The kids see their photos and hear their sound.
Аctive links on the time of appearance of each animal: 0:10 Alpaca, 0:27 Scarlet tanager, 0:45 Sloth,
1:01 Toco toucan
1:16 Brazilian porcupine
1:41 Collared peccary
2:01 Ocelot
2:22 Hyacinth macaw
2:36 Chinchilla
2:47 Howler monkeys
3:01 Red-eyed tree frog
3:18 Harpy eagle
3:34 Tufted capuchin
3:57 Screaming hairy armadillo
4:11 King vulture
4:28 Maned wolf
4:45 Degu
5:01 Green anaconda
5:17 Vicuña
5:33 Andean condor
5:50 Golden lion tamarin
6:06 Capybara
6:25 Caiman
6:38 Red pirahna
6:44 Pelican
7:01 Spectacled bear
7:19 Cotton-top tamarin
7:36 Greater grison
7:49 Hummingbird
8:05 Amazonian manatee
8:23 Giant anteater
8:38 Guanaco
8:53 Amazon river dolphin
9:12 Hoatzin
9:26 Bush dog
9:41 Rhea
9:58 South American coati
10:08 Blue-fronted amazon
10:28 Tapir
10:45 Jaguar
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