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Lingokids, the most fun and safe early English learning course for children 6 years old and under. Download on iTunes ( and Google Play ( Learn more here: and click below for lyrics.

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Lingokids is a complete digital English learning course for children 6 years old and under. With Lingokids, parents get a complete set of tools to provide a rich and immersive English learning training for their children, because immersion is the most important factor to learn English for kids during the critical early years.

The Lingokids English course for children begins with our award winning application which brings the learning into the natural habitat of preschool children by engaging with them in the language they understand best: playtime!

Our games for kids are intuitive, fun and 100% safe for kids because we have no advertisements and no in-app purchases available for the children. Additionally, Lingokids has been designed to help children of all English levels learn the language, so don’t worry whether your child has never heard the language or already knows some English, we have a unique plan for each and every child and will grow with them as they develop.

Our program and games for kids include content from Oxford University Press and world-class early English experts and is divided into topics including: learning Family in English, Food in English, Animals in English, Music in English, Toys in English, Shapes in English, Clothes in English, Colors in English, etc. The program teaches children over 3000 English vocabulary words, prepositions, verbs and adjectives through our game based method which encourages children to explore, try new things out and allows them to learn without feeling like they are in a classroom or punishing them for errors or keeping score. Because at Lingokids we not only help little ones on their journey towards bilingual English, we also help them discover the world and help them to develop their curiosity and logic.

The English course for kids is complemented by tons of additional material including English songs for children, English learning videos for kids, cut-outs for children, colorings for kids, and other sorts of English manual activities for children that help them reinforce the English words and concepts that the application introduces them to. With our free, basic version of Lingokids, parents get access to a limited number of lessons for children and additional material while with our Lingokids Premium subscription parents get access to an unlimited supply of new lessons and additional material for their kids updated every month.

In addition to this, with a Lingokids Premium subscription we provide parents with weekly progress reports that help them to follow the progress of their children; a multi-profile feature that allows parents to create a profile for each children in the family at no extra cost; and the offline mode, which enables children to play without an internet connection. We also have learning videos for children, with English songs for kids that you can see in our Youtube channel and sing-along playlists and sing-sing playlists. We have many more features in store and will be adding to the Lingokids experience every month to bring more and more value every day to you and your children.

Lingokids is available for iPad, iPhone, and any Android tablet or smartphone. You can download it on iTunes ( and Google Play (

Start your FREE trial of our English course for children here:

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