Not Enough Time in the Day – Feeling Overwhelmed

Matthew and Ben share war stories about time management while working with clients.
This episode debuts three new segments on Design News, Guess What I'm Thinking, & Pitch This.

07:05 Q: How do you guys handle the feeling of being overwhelmed?
07:29 Focus on the small things first to cross them off of your to-do list.
07:59 Q: When has time management been a problem for you?
09:12 Q: What was the design project that you had to complete?
10:36 Q: What lesson did you learn from that experience?
11:49 Choosing the things that you say yes to can keep you from being overwhelmed
13:25 I have a task list that I create every morning
14:20 Q: How do you manage your to-do list notebook?
15:42 How Matthew manages his time (Bullet Journaling)
16:25 How poor time management almost lost Ben a client.
17:40 Ben's Method: Zero messages & sort by urgency
18:38 Q: What do you do when things continue to take longer than you expected?
19:34 Track how long it takes you to create certain deliverables
20:34 Eat the Frog: Work on the most important task first in the morning.
22:30 How Mark approaches stress: Take care of your physical body (exercise) when you are feeling stress.
24:48 Set Expectations and confirm your weekly goals with team members
25:55 I have strong leads/project managers on each team that I can rely on to coordinate tasks.
26:43 Trust partners and team members to meet benchmarks and goals
30:04 Q: Ben, Can you make a tutorial on your personal task management system?
32:00 How managers manage their day versus how creatives/makers manage their day
35:05 Q: How do you say no to your boss?
36:01 Pad your time estimation: give yourself more time than you think you need.
37:05 Do you miss doing hands-on work now that you are a manager?
38:00 10 Productivity Don'ts - Tim Ferris
42:20 Mail Time
44:45 Design News - Atlassian rebrand review
49:10 House of brands vs. branded house
49:56 Stripe - Logo update review
52:27 The costs of rebranding and implementation
54:00 iPhone X release - How will it impact design (notch)
58:38 Action safe zones and title safe zones for videos help with preventing cropping
1:00:30 Guess What I'm thinking - Diagnosing Problems
1:05:00 Clarify what certain terms mean to the client
1:09:00 walk the client through the decision-making process to filter out bad ideas.
1:11:03 Q: How do you communicate aspects of your brand story without using a logo?
1:12:31 Pitch This
1:20:41 Announcements / Outro

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