Pale - Lucilla and Taka (Gladiator & The Last Samurai)

A tribute to two, magnificently-portrayed women from two of my favourite films: The Last Samurai and Gladiator. The song is "Pale" by Within Temptation.

Lucilla (Connie Nielson) is the sister of the ruthless Emperor Commodus (Pheonix) and strained heroine struggling with her love for Maximus (Crowe) in Ridley Scott's "GLADIATOR".

Taka (Koyuki) is the wife of a fallen samurai warrior that Nathan Algren (Cruise) killed in self-defense during battle, and she struggles with her own emotions as the American captain learns the ways of the Samurai warrior in Edward Zwick's "THE LAST SAMURAI".

The fighting man and his lady. Both Lucilla and Taka endure their hardships that neither can truly influence, yearning for the hero to return and change things...if they can just hold out until then...

(And, in my opinion, both are severely unappreciated actresses)

- I had wanted to make this video in 2008, but started it last fall in 2009. It was left alone for a while, but I just came back to it and finished it up.
- When I heard this song (it's so sad!), something clicked in my head and it had to be a video for these heroines. It's relatively simple editing, nothing ornate or fancy, but I wanted to adhere to my original vision and back in 2008, I didn't know a whole lot of effects. So I pulled back in editing style and when for something more simplistic.
- This is sort of a 3-part video: each heroine has a segment and then the third part of the song combines both stories. That's what I wanted for this video, please let me know how ti turned out!

"Pale" © Within Temptation (5% pitch change)
Gladiator © Dreamworks
The Last Samurai © Warner Bros.

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